Fire-Frame Window Simulator Training System

How is the prop constructed?

The Fire-Frame system is constructed entirely of welded steel and unbreakable window panes.

What are the panels made of?

The six simulated glass window panes on the Fire-Frame are constructed of thick polycarbonate plastic.

Do the window panes need to be replaced after each use?

No. The panels may be reused over and over again.

What is the life expectancy of the window panes?

The window panes are highly impact resistant and will never shatter. The life exptency of the panels will depend primarily upon frequency of use. Most customers can expect the window panes to last for the life of the prop.

Does the window sash need to be replaced after each use?

No. The window sash is constructed of thick steel and is intended to be reused. The sash is held in by four sacrificial wooden dowels that need to be replaced with each use.

Does the Fire-Frame need to be permanently mounted? 

No. The Fire-Frame utilizes four screw jacks to quickly and easily clamp into the opening of any existing training structure with an adequately sized opening.

What size opening will the Fire-Frame fit?

The Fire-Frame requires an unobstructed opening of at least 35" x 35" and will extend to fit an opening up to 50" wide.

Can I increase the resistance of the center sash?

The resistance of the center sash can be configured using two different types of wooden dowels allowing for up to three total configurations. Harder materials such as aluminum, brass or steel can NOT be used in place of the wooden dowels and will result in damage to the prop.

Where can we purchase replacement dowels?

Replacement 1/2" dowels can be purchased inexpensively in oak or pine at any local hardware store that carries wood products such as Home Depot or Lowes.

Where can the Fire-Frame be purchased?

Firehouse Fabricators Inc. is the sole creater, manufacturer and direct distrubiter of Fire-Frame system.

Is there a warranty on your products?

We warranty all products for up to 3 years from the original date of delivery against all manufacturing defects. Damages caused by misuse will not be covered.

What is the price of the Fire-Frame system?

Please contact us for all pricing inquiries.

Padlock Simulator

How is the padlock simulator constructed?

Our padlock simulator is machined from a solid block of cold rolled steel.

How is the shackle held in place?

The shackle is secured to the lock body using two set screws.

Is the resistance of the shackle adjustable?

Yes. The resistance can be increased or decreased by adding more or less tension to the set screws.

Do the shackles need to be replaced with each use?

When used for forcing the shackle from the lock body, the shackles may be reused. If used for cutting, the shackles will need to be replaced with each use.

What is the lifespan of the shackles?

The life expetancy of each shackle will be determined by the abuse placed upon it by the end user. Most customers can expect substantial life from each shackle.

Where can we purchase replacement shackles?

Replacement shackles can be purchased directly from Firehouse Fabricators Inc. or made from materials found at local hardware stores.

What is the price of the Padlock Simulator?

Please contact us for all pricing inquiries.