Firehouse Fabricators Inc. was established in 2016 and is FDNY firefighter owned and operated. Our mission is to provide fire service instructors with the tools they need to create a more realistic training environment and better prepare firefighters for the field.


Zach Mihlrad is the company’s owner and has been involved in the fire service since 2006 when he joined the local volunteer fire department. He has been an active FDNY Firefighter since 2013 assigned to Engine 290, Ladder 103 "The Pride of Sheffield Avenue." During his time in the fire service, he encountered many people who inspired his growing love of training and fire service instruction.


Over the years, Mihlrad and his colleagues discussed many ideas for various items that would help enhance firefighter training. It seemed one vital prop wasn’t on the market. Shortly thereafter, the first prototype window prop was born. Though the first iteration wasn't much, incorporating only parts bought from the local hardware store, it slowly grew into a more functional piece. The end result, the Fire-Frame Window System, is the only of its kind. Firehouse Fabricators Inc. was quickly established to bring this unique product to the market. We continue to grow and expand, continuously thinking of new and innovative ideas to better train firefighters.

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